Mobility Aids UK At Festivals

One of the latest features across the festival scene in the UK has been the appearance of mobility aids UK. Mobility aids are an aid for people who struggle to walk unassisted or are disabled. So far their appearance at several festivals has gone down very well and people have been supportive of the venture. Through this article we will explore what mobility aids UK are and also analyse their overall effectiveness at events. In addition to this we will look at other schemes or events festival organisers can run to benefit the wider festival community.

mobility aids UK

Disabled Access At Festivals

Disabled access at festivals is a very important issue although sometimes unfortunately some organisers may overlook it slightly. This can result in a lack of seating for disabled festival goers , lack of viewing areas and lack of overall support. However having said this the industry is becoming much more sympathetic and understanding of peoples needs and requirements and increasing numbers of festivals are going over and above to ensure that everyone can enjoy the festival. UK mobility aids is one way in which attitudes and routines are being changed at festivals. Many festivals now have UK mobility aids on standby that people can use if necessary to suit their needs or requirements.

Community Incentives At Festivals

As the use of mobility aids UK continues , there are a number of other schemes festival organisers could consider in order to benefit the wider festival community. One such scheme that could be introduced is CPR and first aid training for this attending the festival. This could be done at a stall or tent in the festival grounds. One of the major benefits from this is that lifesaving skills would be passed and could lead to someone being saved at the festival. In Addition to this the festival organisers would gain excellent positive publicity from getting involved in this kind of scheme.

mobility aids UK

Challenges Facing Mobility Scooter Users

Although the use of mobility aids UK is being phased in across the country , there are still a number of fundamental challenges that mobility scooter users face when attending festivals. One of the main ones is making their way through crowds. One way in which this problem could be tackled is by having designated routes where wheelchair users and mobility scooters can travel without having to push through crowds. A third problem facing mobility scooter users is storage of their scooter as well as potential for damage at the festival. Thankful due to the mobility scooters UK incentive festival goers do not have to worry about these issues as the scooters are provided with safe secure parking and scooters can be used at the event free of charge.

mobility aids UK

Overall Conclusions

To summarise there are a number of different positive incentives that are being implemented by festival organisers in order to ensure that festivals are accessible to everyone. Mobility scooters UK have greatly assisted with this effort. At present the UK festival scene is much more accommodating of people with disabilities than it has been in the past years.

How Musicians Build Their Brand With Logo Designers

Every successful musician has a ‘brand’. This about Madonna, she ‘re-brands’ every decade to keep people interested. Within her re-brand she changes her hair, her style and even her sound. Madonna isn’t the only musician to do this, Britney, Beyonce, Queen and David Bowie were all known to reinvent themselves to keep their listeners interested. Branding includes how you look, how your perform and how you sounds. Many musicians use artists and logo designers to design their ‘brand logo’ and album cover.

What Is A Brand

Lets first begin with asking what a brand is and how it relates to musicians. A brand can be a logo, tagline, designs, name tone of voice amongst many other features. A brand is a visual representation of a companies personality.

Start With Why

Start With Why is a bestselling book written by Simon Sinek in 2009 – it implies that a company or brand should communicate why they do what they do – the reason behind their business, or in this case a musician or band. It is really important to be unique and different in the music industry in order to stand out from the very competitive and overcrowded market. Once you have found your why you then need to communicate it on stage, what you wear, how you perform, the art in your album and also how you use social media.

How To Create Your Own Visual Identity

The first thing to begin with is your genre of music. You can be creative with your sound within your genre. Another thing you can get really creative with is your style and look. Freddie Mercury was one who was very experimental and fun with his styles and clothing choices -which is what made him so recognisable and successful.

Is Streaming Services Killing The Radio? Apparently Not.

When streaming services like Spotify were born it disrupted the music industry dramatically. The service went hand in hand with smartphones so people could listen to music anytime anywhere. It meant that stores selling records, such as HMV were losing on sales as people didn’t need physical records.

With streaming services, people can also link up their phone to their car or office so they didn’t need to listen to the radio. So there is a lot of speculation if the long existing radio would die off? According to experts, apparently not. Here’s why.

Radio Content Is Exploding

We consume things differently now, so radio is having to think of innovative ways for consumers to listen in. Radio 1, for example allows listeners to stream on the internet and now have a YouTube channel. Radio 1 are also very prominent on all social media channel, engaging with their audience in all corners of the internet.

Another thing that radio are doing to ensure they retain is listeners is with their presenters. Using celebrities who already have a fan base is a great way to adapt to the new consumption habits consumers have.

Radio Advertising

Radio advertising budgets are starting to decline year on year. With consumers preferring streaming services that have no ads which interrupt their listening. Marketers have also realised that radio marketing doesn’t work so radio stations are finding other ways to raise funds.

The Charts

Gone are the days of top of the pops. The charts are measured very different nowadays. Rather that going by sales, number one is rewarded to the musician who has the most streams and sales put together. Radio 1 also changed their chart show from a Sunday to a Friday in 2015 to tie in with the new global music release date.

Reasons for Buying Golf Buggies in Scotland

Golf buggies in Scotland have a huge market. Scotland has an abundance of countryside, as well as golf courses and a whole manner of outdoor areas that could benefit from the use of a golf buggy, including movie and music video sets.

Reasons That You May Opt for Buying Golf Buggies in Scotland

Golf buggies in Scotland are no longer just for on the golf course, there are many reasons that you choose to get a golf buggy. This is due to them being so versatile, with the ability to be used for a lot of different reasons. These are just some of the many reasons that so many people opt to buy a golf buggy.

Cruise for Less

Gold buggies in Scotland give you far more mobility for less, not only are they cheaper than other vehicles upfront, they are also cheaper to run as they require less fuel and still get decent mileage. You can also get battery powered and even solar powered golf buggies in Scotland, making them even more cost effective.

Make Great Work Vehicles

Golf buggies in Scotland can make excellent work vehicles as they can be used on a number of different types of terrain. Golf buggies are often used in the film and entertainment industry to get from one side of the set to another, they can also be used for a number of different music industries, including;

  • Stables and equestrian centres
  • Campgrounds
  • Parks
  • Schools and colleges
  • Country clubs
  • Retirement communities
  • Landscapers
  • Hospitals
  • Military bases
  • Hotels
  • And, of course, golf courses

Adventure Vehicles

Although golf buggies in Scotland can be used off road, they aren’t designed for it. With a few alterations, however, they can make excellent off road vehicles that are perfect for adventures. New tyres, a lift kit and any additional features that you can think of have the potential to be added and transform a regular golf buggy into the ultimate off road vehicle.

You Own a Large Property

If you own a large property with a lot of land in Scotland, then gold buggies could benefit you. Whether you need to move objects or materials from one side of your property or another or you just want to make getting around a little easier, you should consider investing in golf buggies in Scotland.


Even if the price of golf buggies in Scotland is too much for you to pay for upfront, there are multiple companies that offer payment plans to help you split the payment and help make a golf buggy a lot more affordable.

Reasons That Your Music Marketing Might Not Be Working

If you are just getting started out in the music industry or have been at it for ages with nothing doing well for you so far, then you may be in need of some tips in music marketing. Here are some of the reasons that your music marketing strategy may not be working.

You’re Only Using Social Media

Social media has many benefits, especially in the music industry. This doesn’t mean that should be your only form of advertising your music. Social media allows you to interact with fans on a more personal level, strengthening the bond and trust that your followers have with you. It’s also a great chance to promote new music to a very specific audience.

The let down with social media is that it’s not always the best platform to use for getting new people interested in your music and brand. Many people will ignore social media ads altogether and keep scrolling and whilst there is a chance of a post going viral and helping you gain exposure, it’s a pretty slim chance at that. Even great content can sometimes go unnoticed.

You should brand out a little more and get in contact with some traditional sources of advertising to find out what you can make work with your budget and remember, every little helps.

Another important note to take away from this is that not all communication should be done through social media. If you are getting in contact with business associates, labels, promoters or journalists, then contacting them through either call or email is far more professional. You also need to take into consideration that their inboxes on social media will likely already be flooded with wannabe musicians, so your message may be overlooked in the sea of spam.

You’re Ignoring Outsiders and Freelancers

Of course, everyone wants to get that feature article with a major music publication, however, this may not always be achievable. Even if you have a large number of followers it still might not be enough to secure that spot.

It’s essential to aim high but in the music industry especially, you need to build stepping stones in order to get where you want to be. In this industry nothing is handed to you, so if you see an opportunity, even if it’s not as glamourous as you’d hoped, take it.

Reaching out to smaller bloggers and publications is a great way to get your name out there. These bloggers will usually focus on a niche type of music, which means that their followers may all be a part of your target audience if you choose the right bloggers. These blogs may have a smaller reach but they have a far more targeted audience, which could end up meaning that more people take an interest in what you have to offer.

You Are Paying for Fake Followers, Likes and Views

It is easy to lie online, everyone knows that by now. Whether it’s fake news or fake views, there can be a lot of deception out there. Avoid websites that claim to be able to increase your followers drastically in a short space of time. These will most likely be fake accounts, which isn’t going to do anything for your brand.

Many record labels will expect artists to have a real following of fans and they are experts at weeding out the fake accounts. But let’s be honest, that’s not that difficult to spot if the account has hundreds of thousands of followers but posts are only getting 10 likes and a couple of comments.  You risk tarnishing your name as a professional before you’ve even started out and it looks incredibly desperate.

Self Storage In Glasgow Can Change The Festival Experience

From Trnsmit to T in the Park music festivals in Scotland have become a huge attraction for young and old alike in the diverse and ever changing Scottish music scene. Self Storage In Glasgow is helping to meet that demand by providing storage facilities for artists and fans alike within the city centre. Both fans and artists in the Glasgow music scene have an active interest in storage in Glasgow and we will explore just how much Self Storage in Glasgow can change the festival and music scene experience.

Self Storage In Glasgow And The Music Industry

Over recent years the music industry has been enjoying a better relationship with Self storage companies in Glasgow. Both parties benefit from business when there are major concerts or festivals occurring in Glasgow. Production companies and musical artists are able to store their items in a secure location and access their equipment at any time which provides great advantages in terms of security and accessibility. The Self Storage companies benefit well from these types of deals as they are gaining custom and in addition to this they may receive more business leads as a result of a successful dealing with a large music industry influencer.

What Are The Advantages to Self Storage In Glasgow

Self Storage facilities in Glasgow hold a number of advantages for those who choose to use the facilities

  • Self Storage Glasgow facilities are very secure and many offer CCTV as well as industrial strength lockers and cabinets to ensure all goods within a storage area are secure and not at risk
  • Accessibility to items within the storage facilities is available in most cases 24-7 this allows for full accessibility to access items whenever they are needed day or night without any hassle
  • Self Storage offers great flexibility for those using it meaning that storage can be used for a short period of time or alternatively for much longer periods if needed. This is especially advantageous to musicians and production companies as they may need somewhere to store their equipment year round or alternatively for a few days whilst a Tour is going on
  • Self Storage can also assist in de-cluttering a workplace or property. Items that could be of some value in the future can be stored within self storage as well as furniture and large items that may be difficult to store in your own property

What To Consider Before Purchasing A Self Storage Facility

Before purchasing or using a self storage facility there are a number of factors that should be considered to ensure the storage facility suits the user. One such factor which is worth considering before purchasing a self storage facility is budget. Your budget whether small or large can affect the quality of the storage facility you use. Try shopping around or request if there is discount to see where you can get the best deal without compromising on quality . Storage size is another factor which should be considered as the size of the facility or unit you choose can restrict how much you may want to store so it is best to find one that fits the amount of space you need.

Storage In Glasgow

Using Commercial Cleaning Companies Glasgow To Tidy Up Festivals

It is no secret that music festivals are equally glamourous and disgusting. Watching your favourite bands perform live with all your friends while not showering for five days. It is a bittersweet feeling leaving your friends and music and memories behind but getting to go home to a shower, comfortable bed and a good sleep.

commercial cleaning companies glasgow

However festival goers leave behind more than just happy memories…they also leave behind all their waste. From clothing, tents, cans, food and other unnameable trash. The clean up can take days. This year, the top festivals including Glastonbury, Leeds & Reading and Isle of Weight have hired
SE Commercial Services – top commercial cleaning companies Glasgow. Along with employees and volunteers SE Commercial Services tidy up the festival as effectively and eco-friendly as possible – here’s how.

The Initial Clear Up

commercial cleaning companies glasgow

Recent statistics have confirmed that UK festivals produce a massive 23,500 tonnes of rubbish every year with almost two-thirds of that being sent off to landfill – can you imagine all that waste?

SE Commercial Services have put a plan in place to salvage as much ‘stuff’ as possible. UK Festivals, especially Glastonbury have partnered up with Homeless, poverty and refugee charities this year to help give this ‘stuff’ away. Hundreds if not thousands of tents get left behind each year, so SE Commercial Services and their team of employees and volunteers donate as many tents as possible to these charities all over the world. As well as this left behind food (which is edible and untouched) and toiletries are also donated. This is a long but worth while task to really help those in need. The volunteers only get 24 hours to scrape through all the rubbish before the waste contractors arrive and send everything that’s left to landfill.

Promoting Better Habits

commercial cleaning companies glasgow

The most important issue to tackle is the lack of education to festival goers. This year the festival organisers and musicians alike are using their social media platforms (with thousands of followers) to try and educate people on waste at festivals. By using biodegradable trash bags, not bringing small ‘travel’ toiletries, packing up your own tent and donating it to save time in the clean up and also throwing away your food rubbish in the bins provided across the site will all help in the task to improve our environmental footprint.

How The Music Industry Is Becoming More Environmentally Friendly

Waste Free Digital Consumption

The way we listen to music has changed within the last 100 years. From going to shows in your local theatre to listening to new music on the radio. Then when television was invented so was Top of The Pops. Vinyl Records were the most popular way to listen to your favourite artists before cassette tapes and boom boxes were introduced. Then in the 1990s CD Roms came along and changed the music industry yet again.

However times have changed again and although vinyl records are ‘trendy’ we largely listen to music via digital platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. This is great for the environment as we can store thousands of song via the internet and don’t have piled of CDs or Records that end up going in the trash. Less waste = happy environment.

Retro Is Fashionable

As mentioned before, Vinyl records that were largely used between the 1950s – 1980s where people could listen to albums and singles on their record player. They were big and bulky and took up a lot of room and hence why a smaller CD Rom was introduced in the 90s. However around 2010 music brands such as HMV began to notice a rise in interest in’retro’ and hence began to sell vintage vinyl records. This was great for the environment as recycling and reusing products is better than throwing them away. However record companies jumped on this bandwagon and started to produce new albums on CDs, Digital and Vinyl. Mass production and more consumption is having a negative impact on the environment due to the amount of pollution created from making these products.

Celebrity Influence

Many artists from all over the world are using their celebrity status to spread the word of how we can be more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

On their world tour, Radiohead shipped their stage and equipment by ship rather than air which obviously took longer but was much more environmentally friendly so the tour was spread out over a longer period of time. They also used biofuel on their tour busses and encouraged fans to travel to concerts on public transport via their social media channels.

Sheryl Crow was another artist who used her tour to promote more sustainable habits. She sold biodegradable water bottles rather than plastic bottles at the venues and also travelled her US leg of the tour on biodiesel fuel.

How Event Crew Agencies Can Help The Environment

We’ve all been there , music festivals with water bottles littering the fields tents and litter as far as the eye can see. Its a pretty horrid site. However recently Event Crew Agencies and festival organisers have been stepping up to help combat this unnecessary waste and pollution. We take a look at how festival organisers and event crews can change their ways to have a real impact on the environmental damage some events can cause.

How Do Event Crew Agencies Negatively Impact The Environment

Event Crew Agencies

Unfortunately in the festival and music world there is a lot of wastage that comes as a by- product of these concerts. Much of this stems from what the organisers and the festival event agencies allow to be brought in or bought on site. Often festival organisers and Event Crew Agencies are working on a budget and fail to consider the differences small changes could make to the environmental impact of their festivals. Several smaller changes industry wide could have a significant effect on the way festivals run and could change them for the better. Here are a few ways in which existing festivals unfortunately have a negative impact on the environment

  • Event agencies often sell drinks in disposable but non recyclable plastic cups
  • Event agencies often use heavy machinery and equipment without taking into consideration the damage they could do to the earth and surrounding ecosystem
  • Event crew agencies often use diesel generators and other machinery which can cause pollutants in the local area
  • Over 23000 tonnes of waste is produced each year on average at music festivals around the UK

How Event Crew Agencies Are Changing To Help The Enviroment

In the last few years Eco-friendliness had reached new heights. Social and mainstream media have helped reach and make an impact on millions across the world who want to make sure that we do more to help the environment. The issue of being Eco friendly has been highlighted by accelerated climate change around the world as well as a number of high profile documentaries which illustrate the sheer scale at which the world is becoming polluted. So what can Event Crew Agencies do to help?

  • Consulting with local environmentalists and the council to draw up plans about the festival and what can be done to ensure it has minimum impact on the local environment is an important step
  • Secondly encouraging people to use recycling bins at the venue can help to reduce waste and promote recycling
  • Ensuring that reusable cups are used and sold by Event Crew Agencies that are responsible for catering in order to promote recycling
  • Educating festival goers with information packs about recycling e.g giving them a recyclable bag with a recyclable cup as well as healthy snacks to get them through the day
  • Glastonbury festival is helping to lead the way in being Eco friendly. At Glastonbury all food caterers now have to use recyclable or bio degradable packaging
  • Bench marking between festivals to try and achieve the best environmentally friendly rating is another method that could be implemented.
Event Crew Agencies

Emotional Impact of Music in a Film

While we might assume that videography and film-making are primarily visual forms of art, the gripping score comes with the combination of music. Music heightens the impact of the moving pictures. With each frame, videographers and filmmakers ensure that they convey a particular emotion. The different variables involved: location, lighting, actors delivery are carefully sorted out and executed to rile up the audience. Of all artistic tools that filmmakers have, music is the most powerful and certainly the most vital tool.

Whether custom or handpicked track, music helps to create an emotional landscape for the general production. Music within film places the viewer in a temporary reality griping all parts of his/her emotions.

Music can be used in a film in various ways: as background for the story, a musical within the movie or as background for the audience. It compliments the drama, comedy, action or fiction.

However, its not as simple as selecting the perfect sad song for the perfect sad scene. Its more than that. In fact, it’s so powerful that music in a film is also related with how to overcome anxiety. Imagine that! Films from Pixar productions show the perfect manifestation of music in film. Pixar plays with the viewers emotions by sending contrasting messages on what is on the screen. This means, by mixing sad scenes with happy music, Pixar tears at our emotions in the most unimaginable manner.

Additionally, the music production within Pixar movies ensures that it delivers the theme much earlier in the story. They, later on, hit the audience with the same tunes when they least expect it- and when most vulnerable. This is what makes their movies so brilliant!

When filmmakers want to change the tone of a particular scene, one of the best ways would be to use music. The power of music affects the audience psychologically. This ensures that the film is more efficient and dynamic. By understanding the impact of music to film, a filmmaker can invent new ways to create emotional effects on the viewer.