09 July 2015 | Video

TTIP vote concludes in the European Parliament

Dodgy deals and political meddling ensure TTIP vote sails through plenary more

01 July 2015 | Event

TTIP and beyond- trade in global and local politics

Conference on July 1 in the European Parliament, with invited US guests. Register here more

15 June 2015 | Video

5 reasons to be concerned about the TTIP

Green/EFA MEPs give the top 5 reasons to feel concerned about TTIP ! more

12 January 2015 | Video

Demand full transparency in the TTIP talks!

On both sides of the Atlantic, corporations are working hard to ensure TTIP is good for them, even if that means it's bad for citizens, democracy and environment. Don't believe the hype! Find out what's really going on below the surface... more

27 November 2014 | Blog

Full TTIP transparency: much more than opening a door.

Malmström believes “more can be done”, so why has it taken so long for them to act? more

29 October 2014 | Blog

TTIP and the Jobs Question

Can the EU-US trade deal really deliver the ‘jobs miracle’ Europe needs? more

29 July 2014 | Video

TTIP: A Race to the Bottom

We don't want our standards lowered under TTIP! Don't let corporations force a race to the bottom. more

06 June 2014 | Blog

30 Reasons why Greens oppose TTIP

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership raises a whole host of concerns in a variety of areas. In no particular order, here's a list of some of the reasons why we are currently against the deal. more



09 July 2015

TTIP resolution pushed through, as dishonesty wins the day in the European Parliament

Final vote comes to 436 in favour, 241 against, with citizen concerns largely dropped from text. more

24 June 2015

Bruised ‘Fast-track’ scrapes past US Senate, as outcry mirrored on both sides of the Atlantic

US Congress and European Parliament both wide-awake to trade concerns more

10 June 2015

Accusations fly as EPP & S&D exchange fire over TTIP-vote postponement, but both are to blame.

In the end, citizens won’t be fooled by political posturing argues Yannick Jadot, INTA coordinator, more

05 June 2015

Distorted facts, blatant lies: business group's big push to get ISDS through

Emails by lobby firm BUSINESSEUROPE to MEPs sowing disinformation ahead of crucial TTIP vote more

27 May 2015

Author of German ISDS-reform report criticises stance of Commission & German Ministry.

Smoke and mirrors “reform” agenda sowing confusion – clearing way for ISDS in TTIP. more