The Green Movement involves artists from every nation and walk of life, all committed to helping preserve our environmental heritage from the ravages of apathy, greed, and ignorance. Through Music, we can heal. Through songs, we can communicate on an emotional level that is unique to sound, it’s ability to make us feel something – especially when that feeling is loving this world and everything on it. Clean water, clean air, climate change, and biodiversity are some of the most urgent issueswe will ever face, and every second counts when rainforest species and countless medicines and miracles of the natural world are vanishing as we breathe, and the world gets closer to irrevocable widespread devastation brought about by environmental chain reactions.

We’ve all seen the world going crazy, storms, earthquakes, terrorists, greenhouse gasses, and more, some of which is just out of our control. But some of it is in our control and we can take steps, with purpose, to heal the damage unthinking generations have inflicted on this planet and begin to reverse the tide that could sweep us all into oblivion.

Watch the frogs. They are an indicator species, like salamanders, and these ‘keystone species’ let us know – like the canary in the coalmine – that something is going wrong and it’s time for immediate action. With the climate changing, many species of amphibians are dying off altogether, and many others losing drastic numbers of their kind, as molds and fungis attack their sensitive skins and they can no longer survive in a warming ecosystem.

Biodiversity could save us from countless diseases – known and unencountered yet – not to mention interspecies collapse on a world-threatening scale. Albert Einstein, the vegetarian, once said that the human race would have seven years to survive if the bees disappeared. And what’s been happening? Hive after hive has been found ravaged by mites now able to attack the bees, or abandoned by bees no longer able to navigate back to their home.

We need to grab the wheel, push the scarecrow out of the drivers seat and turn this gas-guzzler around. It’s time for those with the wisdom, the creativity, and the love to see the path that we call walk together, to help us head down it. Music will heal us, guide us, and save us from those parts of ourselves that grow jaded, anxious, depressed, resigned, and angry. So Eco-Musician is dedicated to that fighting spirit which lives in each of our souls and wants there to be a heaven on earth, and we the shepherds of Eden.