pallet lifter

The festival industry is well known for large events such as Glastonbury and Reading and Leeds with millions from across the UK making the trip every year. However a lesser known fact is that there is an army of production staff and event staff working extremely hard to ensure the event is successful. Part of the reason for this is their use of the pallet lifter which we will look at further.

pallet lifter

What Is The Pallet Lifter?

The pallet lifter is a tool which is regularly used by production teams to move heavy goods and equipment across different festival sites. Normally they are used within warehouse environments but can also be used outside them. Pallet lifters can be used to lift goods which would normally require several people to lift. A Pallet lifter is normally operated by just one person and are simple to use and manoeuvre supplies/equipment. They are normally used to transport heavy goods short distances.

Why Is It Used At Festivals?

There are a number of different reasons as to why pallet lifters are used at festivals. One of the main reasons is it frees up more staff to do other roles. Another reason why it is used at festivals is it is lightweight and mobile allowing for equipment to be moved quickly and effectively to where it is needed. This sort of equipment is essential at festivals as there is often a quick turnover after each artist performs and their equipment is moved on and off stage and into their vehicles. They are also cost effective which allows for several to be used at one event.

Advantages Of The Pallet Lifter

  • Can be used to navigate small narrow areas with ease thanks to its compact design
  • Can lift in some cases over a tonne of goods or equipment that needs moved
  • Requires very little training to operate and only requires one operator
  • Compared to its alternatives it is fairly affordable for most events companies
  • requires very little maintenance

Alternatives To The Pallet Lifter

As well as the Pallet Lifter there are a number of alternative forms of equipment which can be used in a festival environment in order to move goods and ensure that the festival runs effectively. One of the most popular alternatives to the pallet lifter is the forklift truck. The forklift truck has a number of different unique capabilities and traits that set it apart.

  • Can lift weights over 3 tonnes
  • Requires one operator
  • Requires a driver that has sat a training course and holds a certificate allowing them to operate the forklift
  • The forklift is much larger than the pallet lifter and costs significantly more to purchase
  • The forklift typically requires regular maintenance in order remain in working order


Overall there are a number of different conclusions which can be drawn. The pallet lifter is one of the most affordable and efficient ways in which workers at festivals can carry out their roles moving supplies etc. To conclude pallet lifters are an excellent tool which can be utilised well at events and large festivals.